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5 bare force social issues hidden in Thailand "pretty hard". Parents need to watch the movie with the ball!

The film is the answer to the problem is not so much a reflection of the very real and it tells the story honestly. We look at some of the events in the story, we were stunned because it was exactly what we had been through. And I think the charm of the film is a narrative not taught.

Pretty hard

Three short films We have seen many things. On reproductive health of adolescents in the United States today. On the issue of social legislation in our knowledge of sexual education of our youth.
By: World Bank initiates honor Gul.

Pretty hard

Considering the overall film and short film each story, I think, "hard love" satisfactory quality and effort that most people do. Directed the short film "Good Hands" as the Creator had made a film magazine. This content is more intense before.
By: a film

do it well

The film does not tell the story what Geun damned if bizarre. But the narrative of 'ordinary people' who walked us through the area today, but I would have 'drill down' into the private space within it. We found that we see that it is actually not common, but each has a 'break' away ..
By: Lance Sook intuition

I think the movie: "I love hard" sieve DD's peasy / Love not yet have "itching ears" !!

Not only because of the break strange crazy chapter in the background actors, etc. If style and tactics, the director chose to communicate with the audience. Complex Hide clues around as much as the underpinnings of a society highly divided. A very big social reality of contemporary Thailand came out totally.
By: OLDBOY Bangkuwat

Open the "new commandment" movie Thailand Research Based + Modern Marketing.

For example, the communication to the TV Spot a lot that we do not think it needs. There are 10-20 million advertising films only 6-7 million, or some do not have a TV at all. But do almost 10 million, it has no recipe for success.


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    When a group of friends. The five who are close to the Special invited to celebrate the completion. And wait for the entrance manner adolescents island. Rittirong prank and atmosphere captivated making unit (SIKARIN results Yong) and Ann (Blue King Rawi Deja MOUs) reunite deep by indifferent defense equipment, but the fun the night was. as a result, the pair faced last fall by then a teenager who has a bright future ahead of them to deal with the problem and how this love in life when you have to move on.

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    The fuss over the nut (Morris Asara Le calculated) handsome young basketball team favorite girls school, a friend with a name like Basketball sexy young Chi ... in the night. the team of basketball, both men and women invited to a party catering holiday feast drunken headlong Nat wakes to find himself lose one's virginity to someone, then that night, though she tried to forget the incident. but this episode was life turning to an unexpected and nuts to your life to do The Friends of the beloved name (a light spanking development) to help her favor and her mother (Chintara Sukapatana) the good and to help find a solution for the child is always right to use those indicators answer to. Nat really me?

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    Simon (Music AF4) boxing future athletes representing the school. There was not making Dongying (licorice, strawberry cheese cake) young school star who dreamed of becoming a singer. Pregnant while they are still studying. They had to stop to come home. To learn to live with the couple. It must have a melee attack of diarrhea among friends. And his peers have suggested the pair have realized that having a family is just terrible hardship and turmoil.